Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Brady!!!

Brady is one of my favorite little guys. I met him and his parents last year this time when he was just a newborn, and it has been such a joy to follow this family in photos over the past year and get to know Brady a little bit as he grows up. Such a happy, handsome kiddo! Sunday we followed him around the park as he practiced his new walking skills, stopping only to cuddle with mom and dad, or explore many rocks and sticks along the way... I think the rocks made it in to a few of his pics too :) Happy Birthday Brady!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bluebells, round 4... Abigail

It was so great to see little Miss Abigail again over the weekend. I met this cutie when she was just about a month old, its hard to believe over half a year has passed already! Daddy asked for some photos of her sucking her thumb, a true sign of the (8 month old) times... precious, and check out those stunning baby blues :)

Bluebells, round 3... Noah Love's Mima

We went back to the bluebells with my beautiful mom, Noah's "mima" on Tuesday. Noah absolutely loves his mima as you can see in the pics, and it was so fun to get some pics of these two enjoying each other. We decided on the name "mima" because my mom felt too young to be called grandma... but no matter the title she is an amazingly cherished person in my little guy's life and it has been such a blessing to see how much joy they bring each other!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bluebells, round 2... Stephanie

Last night I went back to the bluebells with my cousin Steph for a walk and some pics. I think the bluebell field was a fitting place to take Steph's photos. Bluebells are not loud and do not command attention like some other flowers, in fact from a distance you could almost miss them... but when you come closer they completely put you in awe of their quiet beauty. They are friendly, pure, and peaceful... so joyful that once you spend time in their presence you walk away feeling a little bit closer to their Creator. Steph, you are truely beautiful and I am blessed to be spending more time with you lately!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bluebells... round 1

 I spent the other afternoon with our friend Danielle, her amazingly handsome two year old, and brand new baby girl. Noah and Mr. G had a lot of fun running around the not so manly bluebell field while we tried to get some pics of baby V. who wasn't too thrilled at my crazy ideas of taking her from mommy and putting her in a basket. Minus a run away phone :( this shoot was so much fun, I absolutely adore the folks in these pics, and it was great to spend time with them!