Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Treasures and Surprises...

Hi everyone, I wanted to write and tell you about all the fun mommy and I have been having in this new season called fall. Fall is filled with fun!

Yesterday afternoon we explored some puddles in our backyard. (Don't worry grandmas, mommy didn't let me out barefoot too long).

Then today we went on a walk and found some great fall treasures . On the way there were lots of pretty "fa-lowers" ( i'm still learning the word leaf :) falling through the air. I caught one and carried it all the way to the playground!

On the way home, mommy gave me this thing. Isn't it amazing!? I said "Oh wow!" almost the entire walk home. I thought the coolest part was the goo that came out of it.

Fall is filled with fun surprises! But, the biggest surprise was waiting for me when we got home....

Some men were doing road work down the street, and a great big digger was parked outside my front door "Oh wow!" I said. Fall is filled with all kinds of fun surprises!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Football fun..... toddler style.

^ Your seeing it here first guys.... Eagles starting lineup 2029! Currently undefeated ;) ^

My men looking all athletic.... check out Noah running!!

Kev with Timothy in the football hold ;)

Rob and his adorable boys!

Not the best photos, but these boys are way too cute not to post.

Dinner party. check out Timothy toasting his mommy!

Yesterday Noah's buddies came over for a playdate while their daddies watched the game. Afterward we all went out for a wet but fun mini shoot with all the cool retro Eagles outfits Aunt Lisa found for the boys. What a fun afternoon..... but ladies, I think we need to work on some little cheerleaders for next year's season, we are way outnumbered by testosterone! ;) I couldn't imagine it any other way, I am so thankful for all these little guys, and their daddies too.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Madeiras... fun on the farm.

I spent Monday night photographing Tim and Kristin, and their two wonderful growing boys Jacob and Samuel. After the boys had some fun showing off their muscles in a soy bean field, and smiling to the word cow manure (in place of cheese), we went to the top field to let the boys climb around on an old rusty truck. (Thanks for trusting me on that one mom and dad!) I'm surprised Jacob and Samuel didn't get the old beauty running again, their hands sure did get messy trying! That was about the end of our shoot, as I misjudged the time of sunset.... but it was great spending time with these guys while the daylight lasted. Madeiras... you guys are an awesome family, and we are so glad you are in our lives!

Brrm, Brrm, Brrm!

"Brrm, Brrm, Brrm".... seems to be one of Noah's favorite expressions these days as he pushes his cars and trucks around the house! Last Sat. while yard sale shopping we found a shake and go race track for him. For some reason he likes to sit in the middle of the track, which leads to a lot of race cars crashing into his feet. He doesn't seem to mind.... he just looks up and yells "Boom"!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Grace and Beauty

Early last spring I got to photograph Kelly, one of my best friends younger sister's. She never made it to the website, because she's not really a child.... so although it comes a little late, I thought she deserved a place on the blog.
Kelly, is to me, beauty and grace personified. She carries herself in such a way that her natural beauty radiates praise to our wonderful Maker!
It was a privilidge to photograph her, and run around the fields with her and her crazy fun sister. Thanks girls.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I was supposed to have a photo shoot this morning, but it was rescheduled due to the rain. So we took the camera out in our own back yard and took some pics of Noah sporting his froggy rain gear... thank you mima!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

" Dear Auntie Pranee,
I think my mama is finally starting a blog.
It only took her a year to do it after you suggested it.
Let's see how long she keeps up with it. He, he, he.
Love you,
Please tell Hannah, my betrothed, I send my love!"

Noah has a fascination with the buttons on my laptop, of which he is not allowed to touch. So, to ward off temper tantrums while mommy is blogging, Noah has been given use of this very stylish 1940s typewriter. As you can see he is hard at work, typing and driving a matchbox all at the same time... what a multi-tasker!