Monday, September 28, 2009

Football fun..... toddler style.

^ Your seeing it here first guys.... Eagles starting lineup 2029! Currently undefeated ;) ^

My men looking all athletic.... check out Noah running!!

Kev with Timothy in the football hold ;)

Rob and his adorable boys!

Not the best photos, but these boys are way too cute not to post.

Dinner party. check out Timothy toasting his mommy!

Yesterday Noah's buddies came over for a playdate while their daddies watched the game. Afterward we all went out for a wet but fun mini shoot with all the cool retro Eagles outfits Aunt Lisa found for the boys. What a fun afternoon..... but ladies, I think we need to work on some little cheerleaders for next year's season, we are way outnumbered by testosterone! ;) I couldn't imagine it any other way, I am so thankful for all these little guys, and their daddies too.

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  1. Awesome pics hun, it was really alot of fun!