Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Treasures and Surprises...

Hi everyone, I wanted to write and tell you about all the fun mommy and I have been having in this new season called fall. Fall is filled with fun!

Yesterday afternoon we explored some puddles in our backyard. (Don't worry grandmas, mommy didn't let me out barefoot too long).

Then today we went on a walk and found some great fall treasures . On the way there were lots of pretty "fa-lowers" ( i'm still learning the word leaf :) falling through the air. I caught one and carried it all the way to the playground!

On the way home, mommy gave me this thing. Isn't it amazing!? I said "Oh wow!" almost the entire walk home. I thought the coolest part was the goo that came out of it.

Fall is filled with fun surprises! But, the biggest surprise was waiting for me when we got home....

Some men were doing road work down the street, and a great big digger was parked outside my front door "Oh wow!" I said. Fall is filled with all kinds of fun surprises!

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