Monday, May 16, 2011

7 days of beauty.... longest blog post ever?

To everyone I have photographed in the past 2 months that didn't make it to the blog, I am so sorry. Ever since the warm weather came along I have been so busy that I haven't been able to blog, but this week I hit a mile marker on my photography journey, so I have made myself find the time to write.

This past week I had at least one photo shoot scheduled every day! This is a first, and a rather crazy undertaking, and although very busy... exciting and beautiful; and in my book, blog worthy! Here are the awesome families and couples that I got to spend time with this week illustrating pieces of their stories. And hopefully some fun photos of my own family scattered in between the shoots:) 2 shoots that I was really looking forward to got canceled this week due to weather, but I think you will find there is still a lot of fun in this post!

Friday- At my grandparent's farm in Limeport PA with Brady and his parents. I have been photographing Brady since he was a newborn, so when Sarah emailed to see if I could take this little guy's 2 year photos I jumped at the opportunity. It has been so fun to watch Brady grow up through my camera lens. I loved watching him climb around the trucks, and boats, and tractors up at the farm... a 2 year old's dream :D

Sunday- Scott and Becky's Engagement Session at the Little Lehigh Parway in Allentown, PA
I have known Becky now for quite a while, and it has been inspiring to see her heart for God, and people, and life... and the way she lives her life authentically according to the passions of her heart. After all, how many women do you know that leave their lives behind to pursue missions work in Africa. So when I heard the excitement in her voice last year as she began to talk about Scott, my heart couldn't help but get excited too, about the new chapter in her story that God was beginning to write. Scott and Becky, I am so happy for you both... I am so thankful to be capturing your special day for you this July, and look forward to all God has for the both of you as you begin your new life together!

Monday- Matt and Sam family shoot at Trexler Park in Allentown, PA
I spent Monday evening over at Trexler Park with Matt and Sam and their absolutely gorgeous kiddos Lucas and Isabella. I love spending time with this family! They are as fun as they are beautiful. Our boys had fun running around the cherry blossoms, and the although the babies don't really know it yet, they will be buddies soon too ( Izzy and Ruby are only a month apart :) I loved watching big brother Lucas as tried to hold his baby sister, and her reaction as they fell... you can already tell they are going to be good pals! The photo of Izzy in the basket may just be one of my favorite baby photos I have taken yet :)

Tuesday - Family Shoot with Rich and Meghan on the family farm in Nazareth, PA
I first met Rich and Meghan about a year and a half ago when they called me to do a photo shoot for their one year old Ava. Meghan was pregnant with their second baby girl back then, so it was very exciting to meet up with them this past week for baby Mia's 1st birthday family photos. What a beautiful location for a shoot, and especially beautiful because this is their new home on Rich's family's farm. As we walked down the lane together to the spot where Rich and Meghan were married I was so happy for them! With my own families farm being so close to my heart I can only begin to imagine their joy to be raising their family on such a treasured gift!

Wednesday evening I spent at Triden Farm LLC in Bethlehem, PA photographing these super fun organic farmers and their chickens!
What is the funnest thing you ever found on Craigslist? You are looking at mine :) I met Stacia through Craigslist when i was looking for bunnies for our bunny photo shoot. Stacia lent us the famous Henry and Ben that showed up on all of the bunny photos on Facebook. Well, this past Wed. our family was invited back to her family's little farm while I took some photos for them. We all had a blast. Noah loved holding the bunnies, and chickens. He even got to see some bunnies that had only been born the day before. Even Ruby got her first chicken encounter, poor thing... I think she wanted to eat him for dinner! Stacia's girls are so beautiful, and so sweet, and I am just really impressed at how much fun the entire family has working together. I have so much respect for people who have a vision of what they want for their family, and who go for it; and growing up a farmer's (grand)daughter... I think farming is quite a noble way to live! We plan to be spending more time with our new friends this fall, and can't wait to see the AMAZING tree house they are building.... this is a photoshoot waiting to happen :D

My own little egg heads...
Noah got reunited with Ben the bunny!
Ruby meets a chick.... poor chick :(
Noah was a bit more gentle!

Thursday evening I spent with Matt and Clair on Main St. in Bethlehem, PA

This amazing, and obviously gorgeous, family are true treasures! Matt and Clair moved up to PA from Texas this past summer when Matt accepted the job as an associate Pastor at our Church, New Covenant Christian Community. For all it's worth, I need to say that our Pastors chose well. Each member of this family is such an awesome gift to our church family. I spent some time getting to know Clair at a playdate a while back while our boys attacked her walls with toy hammers. I walked away from that afternoon so refreshed. We got to share pieces of our stories, and how Christ had made all the difference in our lives, and shared memories and our mutual love of our times' living down under as well. She is creative, and passionate, humble, and real.... no kidding a friend and I spent a good 5 minutes bragging on her over the phone the other day. Thank you guys, for leaving so much, to follow your God up here to this little town of Bethlehem. You are a perfect addition to our family, I love the vision and inspiration you have brought with you. I am so excited for what God has waiting for us all, and our neighbors as He leads us forward together!

PS- Joel, next time we hang out buddy.... you need to ham it up for the camera like your big brother :D

Friday evening I spent with this beautiful family doing a maternity session at the Rose Gardens in Allentown, PA
I has been emailing with this beautiful expecting mamma for a few weeks now, and it was so wonderful to meet her, her husband, and their adorable little girl! They are such a cute family, even " Buddy" their 2 1/2 year old's favorite teddy bear posed so beautifully for photos. I am so excited to meet your new addition in just a few weeks... a lucky baby girl she will be, being born into such a joyful loving family!

So, that was this past week in a nut shell... as beautiful as it was spending time with all of these lovely people, I am a little tired just looking through all these photos. It was a long, but good week! Hopefully I can stay more consistent with blogging... there are so many more shoots and a ton of my own family I would like to share, but not enough hours in the day it seems;  but at least here was a peek into my busiest week to date :) Thanks for taking the time to look.


  1. these are great! i especially like the one with the chickens. and that sure is a busy week. i can't even imagine this many sessions in one week. they all look like such great families.

  2. I just love your style of family photography, its so fresh and down to earth! You are so multi-talented.. you will do well with this!

  3. Wow thank you so much for taking such wonderful photo's and for your encouraging words. You are incredible.