Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Little Engine That Could...

 Meet baby Colin. Looking at this adorable new family, and their beautiful healthy smiling little boy you would never know what the past 3 months have held for them. Jen had her baby boy in early November. After complications in birth Colin was medi-vacked to CHOP, and spent over the next month in an intense uphill battle for his life. Just having given birth to a baby myself, I cannot begin to imagine the unwelcome roller coaster ride of emotions Jen and Keith's hearts have been on these past months, but as they shared pieces of their story with me as their sweet baby boy napped in his awesome nursery his mommy had made for him, it was overall a story of celebration and victory. Colin, " the little engine that could" , as he was nick named at the hospital, came home the day after Christmas... and is thriving, healthy, as gorgeous as a little boy comes, and surrounded by the love of two very awesome parents. It was my privilege to meet these guys and take a few photos of celebration for them!

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