Monday, February 21, 2011

Our little man turns 3....

Noah turned 3 yesterday!  I can't say we were ready for it... it still feels like only last year that we brought newborn baby Noah home from the hospital, and now we have this fantastic singing, running, jumping, painting, spelling, story telling, make believing, potty training Noah 3.0 .... so "ready" or not, we had a weekend full of celebration in honor of this awesome little dude God gave us as our son :)
Here are some photos from Noah's jungle safari party with his buddies Friday morning. The boys had lots of fun, and with a house filled with babies, toddlers ,and pre-schoolers there were no tears or temper tantrums, so I would say it was a huge success!
Noah and his buddies (and some mommies) in their jungle fort with paper towel roll binoculars.
Safari hats! short lived! Noah was in no mood for photos... Lisa and I had the same idea on how to cheer up our little guys, what boy doesn't love kisses from his momma ;)
Our attempt at a family photo... thanks Jill! Sorry the birthday boy just wasn't having it ;p

Then the SAFARI began....  "follow the tracks, follow the feet... what kind of animal will we meet??"
A MESSY ELEPHANT left peanuts all over the kitchen!!
 The boys line up to follow more tracks....
collecting slimy spiders in the brave cave.
my brave ( and messy)  little 3 year old !
this should be a pic of the kids... but I really liked this shot of Samuel's  loot bag :)
 \Fishing for frogs in the "tall grass", and a surprise visit from a lollipop throwing kangaroo!
 Frog balancing act!
 What's in the hole????


Hunting for snakes! They totally love it.
 Our little explorers eating "jungle stew" (chili).

and what safari would be complete without CUPCAKES :)
Happy Birthday dear Noah..."
" Happy Birthday to you!"
  Timothy enjoying his GREEN icing, Ruby enjoying her hands...
and Noah's face says it all... a very happy Birthday indeed :)

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