Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava ....

Tuesday evening I spent some time with baby Ava, her mom, dad, and her super friendly puppy dog. It's an exciting time for her family... she is turning one next week, and expecting a baby brother or sister in just a few months too. It was so fun to follow her around the park as she sported her one year old walking skills and found lots of treasures with her mommy. So much love!
P.s- I know the pup pic isn't the greatest quality, but I had to put it up, I just love it so much:)

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  1. Tassia - you have a remarkable talent not just in taking the pictures and editing them with your special touch - but you have an amazing eye and ability when it comes to capturing that "special moment"! Thank you so much - we had a wonderful evening with you and you definitely have customers for life!!