Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Looking forward to baby Ruby... Our Maternity Photos by Pranee Loffer

The photos above are a sneak peek, but please follow this link to see Pranee's entire shoot!
Our Maternity Photos by Pranee Loffer
 Last week we had the chance to go camping for the weekend in VA with our great friends Pranee and Malachi and their kiddos. It was such a wonderful relaxing time, and so good to spend time. Pranee and her family are some of the people closest to my heart in the entire world! While we were there Pranee, who happens to be the best photographer I know, convinced me to have her shoot some maternity pics for us. I have been rather shy about my huge belly, but Pranee and her awesome talents have shed a whole new light on the beauty of this pregnancy with her photos. This is why I love photography, what a gift to capture the beauty of someone's life in a frozen moment they can cherish forever. Looking over these photos I am so thankful for my beautiful family, my amazing friend, and the precious baby girl growing within me.
After she took these photos for us it got me excited to go home and start photographing all of my other pregnant mamma friends... there are a whole bunch of babies heading our way these next few months :)

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